Freekz, Geekz, and Hitmen

and the occasional stoner

Saguaro's future suicidal maniacs, stars and hobos
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This is for YOU!!!!!!! *does little dance and points YOU*
Penis is my fav. word LoL yeah...
Saguaro students that hang out with me or people who hang out with people who hang out with me or... well you get the picture....
You don't HAVE to go to Saguaro to be a part of this comunity
Yeah, that's for you Mere and Helayna!
I like Cows... They're kul!
Tip: Don't follow the green monkeys, no matter how sexy they are. But DO follow the blue cowz for they will lead you down the path of rightiousness and good highs
LoL yeah....
balls, bouncing yoga balls, bowling for soup, burning things, cowz, dena, fire, lol, mall prettiez, penis, penis..., pretties!!!!!, the drums, the fab five(and pancho), theater, theater geekz, um...